About Us

Car Assistant was first established when we noticed that many people didn’t have the time or energy to find the car they wanted, negotiate a price and handle the rest of the boring paperwork and hassle involved with the purchase.

So often the result is people buy cars they don’t like or that have hidden defects they weren’t aware of because they couldn’t give the process their full attention.

Vast Expertise in the Automotive Industry

As experienced car buyers, we at Car Assistant make it our primary focus to get you the car you want, at the price you want and in mint condition.

We have years of experience in the car trading industry and corporate fleet sourcing. This has given us a lot of inside knowledge on how the vehicle market works and what to look for when buying and, most importantly, negotiating power when arranging a price.

Client Focused Services

The focus of our service is convenience. On your side, we look to make every step of the process as quick and simple as possible. We keep the effort needed from you to a minimum so all you really need to do is give us your specifications, submit a few documents that absolutely require your personal input and then a thumbs up or thumbs down on the options we bring you.

You choose your level of involvement in the process. So, as the service comes at no extra price to you as the buyer- quite the opposite actually, as it should work out cheaper- we have to ask you: what reason you could have not to use Car Assistant?