Car Assistant

Just give us as many details as you can on the car you are looking for. We use our expertise in the industry and access to an extensive network of cars in trade to retrieve the vehicle option that you asked for, no matter where it is in South Africa (although we look for the option closest to you first).

And if we can’t find something to your exact specifications, then we will put together some of the closest options that match your needs.

Price Negotiations

Our years of experience in the car dealing industry have given us quite a degree of insight into how the markets work, who deals in the highest quality vehicles and how they can be procured in the most cost-effective way.

Also, as we are both a personal and corporate car sourcing service, our company trades in a high quantity of cars. These volumes give us quite a lot of leverage when conducting price negotiations with car dealers.

Test Drives

Even though we as a company stand by the quality of the vehicles we source 100%, we know you need to make sure the car suits the way you drive and what you expect from your vehicle.

Once we have found the car you want at the price you like, we can arrange a test drive for you from your home or work.

Car Sales and Trade-Ins

If you want to trade in or sell one of your current vehicles to pay off the deposit or a portion of your new car, we can arrange that for you also.

Our service here works similarly to our car assistant service: we pick the vehicle up from your home, find the best selling price possible, get approval from you and arrange all the sale technicalities.

Finance and Insurance

We realise most people do not just sit around with enough disposable money to buy a new car. But arranging finance and insurance for a new vehicle is one of the biggest hassles involved with the process.

Our experience and connections in the vehicle trading industry gives us the ability to arrange favourable finance options from banking institutions and very reasonable insurance rates for your new vehicle.

This is subject to your credit and claim history.


Once we have ironed out all of the boring details and paperwork involved with getting your new car and all the proper transactions have been performed, we will deliver your new car right to your doorstep.

You may have noticed that none of the above steps involve you leaving your home or paying a service fee to Car Assistant. That’s because you don’t need to, and our service is completely free!

Note: The minimum purchase value we source vehicles for is R 75 000