Fleet Vehicle Procurement

Does your company depend heavily on its fleet for the functions of your business?

Procuring fleet vehicles can be a large, long-term expenditure so why take the risk of acquiring something that does not meet your needs?

Need Help?

Don’t let the time involved with procuring fleet and its necessity to your business force you into a hasty and uninformed decision.

We’ll do the legwork for you in no time at all. Just tell us what your business needs are here and let us help you find the right fleet vehicles.

Let Car Assistant Help Your Business

  • We have years of experience and expertise in fleet procurement.
  • As a vehicle sourcing company, we have a high degree of buying power to negotiate more favourable pricing.
  • We know which dealers are the best quality sources for specific fleet vehicles.
  • Our comprehensive sourcing service comes at no additional cost.
  • Implement a fleet procurement project without needing additional human resources.